Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to some of the commonly asked questions regarding ActivEarn Employee Financial Wellness Program

ActivEarn is an Employee Wellness Program for employees for financial relief between paychecks. With ActivEarn employers can ease the financial stress of their employees and build a higher performing workforce. On the ActivEarn platform, employees are able to receive a portion of their salary for days they have already worked but not yet been paid for by their employer. They can also use the ActivEarn to start budgeting and saving.

We partner with a range of businesses as a service provider to let their staff track and access their salaries whenever they need to, save direct from their salaries, and access financial education.

ActivEarn Financial Wellness Program does not need any integration and hence can go live within 48 hours. Any employer can make use of its existing payroll management system to share the necessary details to make ActivEarn Financial Wellness Program accessible to its employees.

ActivEarn will provide training and ongoing support to all employees.

ActivEarn is a financial wellness benefit platform that

  • Gives employees the financial independence to control their finances and when they are paid
  • Reduces financial stress caused by long pay cycles
  • Strives to eliminate the need for incurred overdraft fees, credit card debt, or worse, a payday loan

Our vision is to bring financial security, stability, and dignity to the lives of working people by challenging the negative effects of the monthly pay cycle. We are a financial technology business that is more than great technology and amazing design. It is a socially responsible business model with a deep commitment to improving the lives of our users.

ActivEarn is not a loan or an advance or a credit solution. It is a financial technology solution provider and hence there is never an interest charged or paid by the employees. Employees will only be able to access the salary or wage they have earned.

ActivEarn charges a service fee which is paid by the employer only when their employees access services including their earned but unpaid salary. It is an ATM like flat fee. There is no enrollment or recurrent fees for employees.

ActivEarn does not process payroll. Salaries and wages are disbursed as usual by the employer or their designated payroll provider that processes payroll.
This is at ZERO risk to the employer as an employee can only withdraw his salary for the days he has already worked. If his employment is terminated after he withdraws his salary for the days he has already worked, then that will be reduced from his end of service payment by the employer.
ActivEarn is a third-party benefit provider that works with your employer to allow you access to your earned salaries when you need them. We rely solely on the information provided by your employer to bring you this financial wellness service. ActivEarn cannot make any changes to your payroll, and any salary discrepancies must be taken to your employer's HR team.