Bring your employee's pay day closer!

ActivEarn offers EARNED SALARY ACCESS. It is a fintech service that allows employees to receive a portion of their salary for days they have already worked but not yet been paid for by their employer. It is not an advance or a loan.

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So simple and easy to use

Employee wellness

Reduce financial stress of employees

Business benefits

Improve productivity, retention & recruitment

Our Social Impact Partners

Companies Creating Change [C3] enables social enterprises in emerging markets to scale and demostrate positive impact on society

Changing your colleagues lives for the better

Our tools help your staff on a journey to financial resilience, hear what they've got to say about ActivEarn

  • The impact of financial stress on your workforce is real

    Financial worries are distracting

    Financial worries are distracting

    48% of people are distracted at work by money worries*

    *PwC’s 8th annual Employee Financial Wellness Survey
    Financial worries lead to absenteeism

    Financial worries lead to absenteeism

    16% of people say their financial worries have led them to miss work*

    *PwC’s 8th annual Employee Financial Wellness Survey
    Financial worries lead to increased turnover

    Financial worries lead to increased turnover

    78% are more likely to leave for another organisation who cares more about their financial wellbeing

    *PwC’s 8th annual Employee Financial Wellness Survey

    About us


    ActiveEarn is the best way for employees to get financial relief between paychecks, a service needed by two-thirds of the workforce. We give businesses the tools essential to ease the financial stress of their employees and build a higher performing workforce.

    ActivEarn aims to be charity-backed and was founded to level the playing field for the millions of lower-income workers being exploited and monetized for their 'between paychecks' cashflow timing issues.

    Our vision is to bring financial security, stability, and dignity to the lives of working people by challenging the negative effects of the monthly pay cycle. We are a financial technology business that is more than great technology and amazing design. It is a socially responsible business model with a deep commitment to improving the lives of our users.

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